Class Presentation Dilemma

Some students say having to speak in front of the class is an unreasonable burden for those with anxiety and are demanding alternative options.

[Source: The Atlantic].


Reading an essay you’ve written infront of the whole class can be very trying – some people do become very nervous and scared doing it – understandably. But, people have stated how doing class presentations have helped them become more confident and better public speakers.

Hi, coming from sombody with severe anxiety, having somebody force me to do a public presentation was the best idea to happen in my life. I’ll never regret having my first anxiety attack in front of a classroom of students. Because it’ll happen and that’s life.

[Source: Twitter]

According to a recent survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, oral communication is one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace, with over 90 percent of hiring managers saying it’s important. Some educators also credit in-class presentations with building essential leadership skills and increasing students’ confidence and understanding of material.

[Source: The Atlantic].

Class presentations help people and students decided that they are too scared to do it and overcome their fear, so want ‘alternative options’ and want teachers to abolish in-class presentations! Pathetic and stupid!

Students who support abolishing in-class presentations argue that forcing students with anxiety to present in front of their peers is not only unfair because they are bound to underperform and receive a lower grade, but it can also cause long-term stress and harm.[1]


And some teachers are listening.

I think, personally, that class presentations should not be abolished, but should continue.

“We need to stop preaching to get rid of public speaking and we need to start preaching for better mental health support and more accessibility alternatives for students who are unable to complete presentations/classwork/etc due to health reasons,” one man tweeted.

And someone else – Ryan Jones, who is a teacher – rightly points out:

“My thoughts are that we are in the business of preparing students for college, career, and civic life. Public speaking is a piece of that preparation,” says Ryan Jones, a high-school history teacher in Connecticut. “Now, some kids (many) are deathly afraid to do it, but pushing outside of comfort zones is also a big part of what we do.”

People need to be able to do public speaking confidently and also need to learn to overcome their fears. I think that part of the problem might be fear of ridicule – I know it is with me – so in case some students are afraid to do it because of fear of what people will say, don’t be afraid. Be prepared to accept criticism and correction, but also, don’t be afraid to do class presentations, as it could possibly help you later as it’s important in some jobs.


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