Messianic and Hebrew Roots.

Something important. Please read.


While it has been good that many people over the last few yrs have woken up to the fact that Church and Christianity are not following the Bible nor teaching and preaching what the Bible says it is more than a little sad that many have lept out of the frying pan into the fire as it were.

This is just a summary as all have been taught that we have to belong to an organisation/religion to be right. Sadly it has led many astray as generally we have not been as good “Berean’s” and searched out the Bible to see if what we are being taught is actually scripture.

Script does say ” To come out from among them and be separate”, and so we should.

But Messianic followers are often called “Messy antics” because they still want to follow many of the church teachings and traditions, like Christmas…

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