Scott Morrison: Pentecostal?

Scott Morrison is now Australia’s new Prime Minister after taking over from Malcolm Turnbull, now Australia’s 6th Pm in 10 years.

To quote a line from Dad’s Army: “Stand by for a quick game of musical chairs.”

Scott Morrison has reportedly identified as evangelical and Pentecostal, the first PM to identify as that. [1]

And some people don’t like it.

Though, quite a lot of Australia’s PMs have claimed some sort of faith – Malcolm Turnbull identified as Roman Catholic (see here), as did Tony Abbott. Julia Gillard didn’t, though.

So, why are people reacting to Morrison being Pentecostal and evangelical?

Some critics fear policies will be driven by a religious agenda that large portions of the population do not share.

[Source: ABC].

Morrison also has been “praying for rain in drought-affected areas” [2] and wants others too as well.

“I pray for that rain everywhere else around the country. And I do pray for that rain. And I’d encourage others who believe in the power of prayer to pray for that rain and to pray for our farmers. Please do that,” he said.


Though, Howard did as well

Some people are wondering whether that will make him a better PM or not. I certainly hope so, and I hope that he will be an improvement on Malcolm Turnbull.

Though, I don’t get why people are so ‘spooked’ by Morrison being Pentecostal as ABC has stated.

Morrison seems to be doing…okay so far:

The PM wasted no time genuflecting to the dwindling and ageing demographic that is the Liberal Party ‘base’, scrapping plans to raise the retirement age to 70 and announcing a royal commission into the aged care sector. He also kowtowed to another potentially troublesome cohort of Liberal voters, throwing billions of dollars in hush money to the Catholic and independent school sectors.

There’s also been more money for drought-stricken farmers to appease supporters of the Coalition’s junior partner, the Nationals, and the announcement of a Canberra gabfest to coordinate a solution for the crisis that has been building in some parts of the nation for up to seven years. (In case you were wondering, no, that solution will not include emissions reductions).

The PM also found time to throw red meat to the conservative Australians concerned about ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools and the pervasive influence of gay marriage on our ‘rights’. ScoMo referred several times during this first month as PM to his commitment to ‘legislate religious freedom’ […] [3]

The Australian

Scott Morrison is also against gay marriage. See here. The same article says that he is also for protecting religious liberty, which has boosted my opinion of him as this shows he is better than Turnbull as Turnbull backtracked on promises of ‘religious protection’ and such.

Please feel free to express your opinions and whether you agree with me or not and why in each of my articles in the comments below.





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