Important Word

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

By Glynda Lomax on Sep 25, 2018 12:00 am

   My children, you must prepare. The Time of My Servant Jacob’s Trouble quickly approaches and you are not ready. Ready your hearts, for what you see shall be grievous indeed. Ready your minds to survive in a time like no other. Ready your weapons, for you will need them to fight.
   You have seen what is coming in My Holy Word. Quiet your spirits and remain focused on Me and all will be well. I alone can protect you in this time. For those who see this time, there is work I have called you to do.
   First, search your hearts and know if there be any darkness therein. Before a man can judge the mote in another’s eye, he must first examine his own eyes. If you are to be the light in your world, you must indeed be that light, and not darkness. The enemy comes to tempt you now more than ever before, as he desires you would stumble and fall. He desires My people would lose hope and turn away from Me.
   I am calling My People to bring hope in that time to those who do not know Me and to those who begin falling away from Me. I am calling you to succor them through that time that they be not lost. Prepare.
   Remember, the path of peace is to keep your mind stayed on Me. I am with you in all that comes. Do not lose hope.
(This is from a Christian woman called Glynda Lomax who receives words from Yah/God. I felt this was important to share.
Here’s the link to her blog if anyone wants to look:

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