Review: “Ant-Man”

Ant-Man is a science-fiction superhero action film. It is the 12th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film starts in 1989 with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) confronting S.H.I.E.L.D. about sending him out on a mission all to try and secretly replicate one of his technological marvels – the Pym Particle, his Ant-Man shrinking technology.

After a brief scuffle, Hank resigns and leaves.

The film then skips to the present day where a well-meaning and non-violent crook Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is being released from prison. He is picked up by his old friend and fellow crook, Luis (Michael Peña). Scott quits the life of crime to try and get a job and to provide and see his daughter.

Scott gets a job, but is fired when his boss finds out about his time in prison. He goes to see his daughter at his daughter’s birthday party, but his ex-wife and daughter’s stepfather won’t allow him to see her unless he has income.

Meanwhile, Hank’s estranged daughter, Hope Van Pym, and Hank’s former protege Darren Cross, have kicked him out of his own company, Pym Technologies. Cross reveals that he has almost perfected his own shrinking technology, the Yellowjacket. Hope is revealed to be secretly working with Hank and is keeping tabs on Cross’ progress. She says that they have to stop him soon as he is close to perfecting it and if he unleashes it, it will endanger the world (sorry. Wasn’t sure how to explain it).

Hope insists that they have no choice but for her to take the Ant-Man suit and make their move. Hank refuses, out of concern for her daughter’s safety, and says that he has someone else.

Scott’s friends tell Scott about a burglary job, saying that he has heard that an old man will be going away for a week, and has a safe which they think is full of money. Scott agrees to go along purely to get money to provide child support and to be able to visit his daughter.

He breaks into the safe, only to discover that there is nothing in the safe except for a weird red and black suit and a helmet. He takes it anyway, and they leave.

It keeps nagging at him and he tries the suit on.

Trying out the cool gadgets on the suit, he accidentally shrinks. He hears Hank Pym’s voice (which he doesn’t recognize) talking to him. After running through the apartments in the Ant-Man suit, he finally manages to grow back to normal size. He returns the suit, only to be caught by the police and arrested.

Hank Pym visits him and offers him a second chance, talking rather cryptically. He breaks Scott out of prison. I loved that scene! It is sooo well done! And clever. Hank and Hope (who is rather antsy [pun intended] towards Scott) then tell him that they want him to wear the Ant-Man suit and break into Pym Technologies and steal the Yellowjacket before Cross unleashes it across the world. With the odds stacked against them, can they succeed?

It is an AWESOME movie and actually overall suitable for children (with one or two scenes that might disturb them). Would recommend parents watch it first and decide for themselves whether or not to let children watch it or not.

The main scene that has the potential to disturb is when Darren tries to use the shrinking technology to see if it finally works. His test subject is one of his employees. It shrinks the guy, but instead of still being alive and moving, the victim is now a blob of liquid. Darren is completely unperturbed and simply uses toilet paper to wipe him up and then flushes him down the toilet.

As I said, would recommend parents watch this first.

Other than that, the movie is generally quite suitable and a lot of fun. Has plenty of laughs, action, daring-do, suspense, even romance!

During the climax, there is a hilarious scene where a Thomas the Tank engine toy is accidentally enlarged and falls from the attic into the street below.

Corey Stoll is great as Darren Cross, the unbalanced, insane villain. Great performance.

Luis and his two friends (or ‘wombats’ as Hanks calls them) are absolutely hilarious and provide plenty of comic relief. The way they have Luis tell Scott about something important that he has heard is absolutely hilarious! With flashbacks, and plenty of unnecessary – but funny – details added in, his stories are always fun to listen to. It’s a pity that there was only two such scenes in the movie, and they didn’t have him tell stories more.

Michael Douglas is awesome as Hank Pym. Rudd is pretty good as well. Everyone did a great job and all of them really did their roles well. The plot was engaging and had twists and turns. The plot is admittedly unusual and some have called it ‘odd’. It’s full of science-fiction, completely unrealistic and the ability to shrink and grow with the suits provide plenty of exciting and fun action scenes.

A very good movie.


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