How Does Your Garden Grow?

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I’m down in Poughkeepsie and we’re working on the garden so we can sell this house and move on to the next step of our lives. It’s a lovely house, it’s in a fantastic neighbourhood surrounded by trees and were being serenaded by a thousand birds. Scarlet Cardinals are swooping past hoping to snag a juicy worm or bug and there’s an inquisitive little chipmunk sitting close by ‘supervising’

There’s a couple of butterflies twirling too and if it wasn’t for the big ol’ spiders web it would’ve heaven (You know that web means a monstrous beastie is lurking)

Well, that and ‘im indoors airily telling me to watch out for poison ivy when I’m knee deep in shrubbery wearing flip flops and rolled up jeans. Honestly what a plonker! If I’m whining like a banshee later he only has himself to blame!

The birds and the butterflies, my friendly…

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