Here’s a photo of me

A couple of bloggers recently have gone temporarily mad and actually asked to see what I actually look like!

I’ve never wanted to do this before because you’d either:

  1. Be traumatized for life

Or 2): Your computer will instantly crash because my beauty will be too much for the system to handle.

But then I realized, who am I to deprive you of the horror of losing your computer and have decided to show everyone what I look like.

You’re welcome.

Here’s me:

109 thoughts on “Here’s a photo of me

  1. wow!!!! really!? Did you just do that?? how could i have fallen for it – shit! lol.

    Let’s just say you did well, damn!

    How have you been Rue? It’s been a while for me down here – Horptie from but I’ve just recently just moved to my personal blog… would love for you to check it out, subscribe and actually tell me what you think.

    Thank you!

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    1. Thanks! Couldn’t resist, LOL!
      I’m fine, how are you? Been busy myself with life, writing stories, running two blogs, etc., etc. Aren’t you doing anymore? Will check out your new blog.

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