How I See You

Yesterday, I did a post about Looney Tunes and mentioned some of my favourite characters, and jokingly compared a couple of bloggers to a couple of LT characters. 😁 Well, it got me thinking about a few bloggers that I am quite good friends with and trying to figure out what movie/TV show character(s) they each were like and it inspired me to do a post featuring each of the bloggers, and the movie/TV show character(s) I think they are like. Some explanation of the movie/TV show characters I pick might be necessary. 😊

WARNING: Except some tongue-in-cheek. πŸ˜‰

Number 1#:


For those who are not yet aware of her blog, Britchy is a sassy, witty, hazardous female who’s family lives in dailyΒ terror of her shenanigans and whatnot. TRUST ME, she is sooo worth following!! (Of course, that last comment was probably just to protect my hide…;) ) Anyway, it didn’t take very long to come up with not one, but TWO characters that absolutely compliment Britchy in every way. Here they are:


Need I say more?

Number 2#:


This one was sorta’ tough to do. Coffee is a laidback, I-don’t-give-a-shit type persona; he’s not a conformist, thinks for himself, will tell you how he feels, sometimes crude, but is loyal, will have your back, funny, etc., etc. A likeable rough diamond, basically. Who does him justice? Well, two movie characters come to mind:

I thought of Indiana Jones, though I’m not too sure on that, though Jones is a rough diamond, as well. But definitely Han and Tony.

Number 3#:

J-M’s History Corner

Now THIS nut was hard to crack. I had to think REALLY hard on this one. Who is my older brother J-M most like? I had a long debate whether to give a tongue-in-cheek answer (which would have saved the mental strain of deciding what whacko to pick for J-M) or simply be honest. I know J-M well enough to know I can get away with tongue-in-cheek with him, but then the perfect answer came to me – it’s a combination of tongue-in-cheek-that-is-technically-true as well as appealing to his better side…which is hard to find, LOL! Anyway, I picked this guy:

See the source image

For two very important reasons. 1) Like Yoda, J-M is very knowledgeable and, hate to admit it, wise. 2) Like Yoda in the Original Trilogy, J-M is just so bloomΓ­n’ slow when it comes to doing tasks. So, Yoda is the perfect answer!

Number 4#

The Eclectic Contrarian

Also known as John, he and I are really good friends. And like all good friends, we like to joke around and make jabs at each other – in good humour, of course. So, when it came to picking characters that best compliment him, I easily came up with answers, but I couldn’t decide whether to give a cheeky answer, or an honest answer. In the end, I decided to give two answers – one’s cheeky, one’s honest. So, in all fairness, the cheeky one goes first.

The honest answer, however, is that he’s a kind, sweet, loyal, always has your back, and all that rubbish, so there is only one person who I can think of that matches that:

See the source image

Number 5#:

Crushed Caramel

At first I thought she was like Anna from Disney’s Frozen (2013) because of the romantic side of her. There are dozens upon dozens of articles on her blog devoted to her boyfriend and total love of her life dubbed Goldfinch, which is what made me think of Anna. BUT, there are other aspects of her character that come up in her posts, that I can’t help but compare to Anna’s much more mature and quieter sister, Elsa. So, I have decided to give Caramel both Anna and Elsa:

See the source image

I sincerely apologise if I have offended any of you. I simply wanted to a tribute, so to speak, about how much I really love you guys and showing you all how I see you – in a good way of course.

I couldn’t put in every blogger of course. Because 1) there are some I wanted to put in, but couldn’t think of any movie/TV character or 2) I didn’t know them well enough.

And where am I on this list? Good question. *whistles so no-one knows I’m trying to sneak out*

24 thoughts on “How I See You

  1. When I went to Australia I watched Wreck It Ralph on the plane so I knew exactly who the character was who you compared Britchy too – love it!

    I need to watch Frozen! Those two girls have such pretty eyes, so I am flattered, but I need to watch the movie so I understand. I am a but of a romantic I admit, all Goldfinch’s fault!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vanellope is my favourite character in Wreck-It Ralph – alongside King Candy.
      Frozen is soo awesome! You’ll love it. Hope you enjoy it. I do like how Disney designs their characters – particularly the females like Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel.


  2. Lol, I woulda gone with Ernest P. Worrell for me.

    For Britchy, I think Grumpy Cat.

    Caramel, I agree, Elsa and Anna.

    JM…hmmm, maybe Mort Goldman! LOL, just kidding.

    For the Eclectic Contrarian, you nailed it.

    For Rue…Snowball from β€œThe Secret Life of Pets”.

    Always outstanding Rue, you always bring a smile to my face.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grumpy Cat, LOL! Never heard of Ernest P. Worrell and had to look him up. I get why you compare yourself to him, but personally you strike me more as a Tony Stark/Han Solo type guy. How we perceive ourselves is soo different to how others perceive us, isn’t it?
      Oh, good. I was worried that I hadn’t gotten Caramel’s correct, but kept telling myself, this post is about how I see everyone.
      Never heard of Mort Goldman.
      Wow! Really? Phew! πŸ™‚
      Snowball!? The antagonist? (I’ve never seen The Secret Life of Pets, so had to look Snowball up – but I’ve got it on hold at the library to watch and it should be coming into our library soon).
      Thanks! You’re welcome πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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