Kilt – Dress or Skirt?

Men in Scotland wear something called kilts. Looks like this:

And there is ravaging jokes around – in movies, books, etc. – about whether or not the kilt is a dress (which, I have to admit, provides plenty of amusement). Well, I thought about it, and realized that it doesn’t quite fit the criteria for a dress – a dress covers the lower half of the body, like the kilt, but also the top half – which the kilt doesn’t.


It is a skirt.


A skirt covers only the lower half of the body, like the kilt. It looks like a skirt, doesn’t it? Now, I know that people will argue that skirt is usually a women’s piece of clothing and that the kilt is worn by men, but remember that make-up used to be worn by men back in medieval times.

And, according to the official definition of Wikipedia, a kilt is – and I quote – “a type of knee-length non-bifurcated skirt” that is worn by the male species.

So…it’s a skirt.

(And, yes, I’m doing this mostly just to stir 😝)

139 thoughts on “Kilt – Dress or Skirt?

  1. I really don’t find anything wrong with a kilt. As long as it’s worn traditionally and not femininely.

    Men in Hawaii and some from the islands wear a skirtish lookout thing I can’t remember the name but is basically a different from of kilt.

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    1. And Egyptians wore skirts called shendjyt, which is their version of kilts. And I just looked up on Google what male skirts are called in general and it’s kilts. So the argument that kilts are not skirts because they are usually worn by women is rubbish.

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      1. My mother says so. One of my brothers looked at me for a few minutes and then said in a shocked voice “You’ve got a skirt on”. I thought I was alright. I prefer my denim skirt and black skirt. More suits me than the flowery one I wore.

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      2. I always have something to do – but I try to find some time for my friends, which includes you. You don’t need to think that I talk to you because I don’t have anything else to do.

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      3. I’m not quite sure. I saw it in this sentence – “with the courage of despair the prisoner faced his accusers”.
        Maybe it means that while there was no hope of escape or retribution, the person decided to face the situation boldly – like a lion.

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      4. I’m still attached to the oldies. The old Wonder Woman, Batman, Incredible Hulk/Bill Bixbie days. Corny? Absolutely!! But I wouldn’t have them any other way.

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      5. Fair enough. I love the MCU movies and the 2013 Man of Steel movie (about Superman). I like the old classic Disney movies, but prefer the more modern ones and the remakes I’ve seen – except for the Lion King – I think that the original is better, but still love the remake. I suppose it’s due to the fact that I’m a child of the 21st century and wasn’t raised back “in the day” so to speak.


    1. Oh, they are! Really cool. I think people make cracks about them for the fun of it. That’s a good point. Or in India, I’ve forgotten what they call it, but they were a type of dress thing, but with trousers underneath.

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