Random Thoughts

Just a bunch of weird and random stuff that for some reason dart through my brain space 🤢 Enjoy!

*Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Go down to go to spoiler-free thoughts (well, spoiler-free expect for potentially spoiling your innocently naive day😏*

Why did Thanos eradicate only half of the universe’s population? He wanted to make it ‘stable’ forever, but you can’t do that by wiping out half as the population will rebalance itself over time and then he would have to do it all over again. If he wanted to inflict lasting damage, why didn’t he try to eradicate ALL of the universe’s population in the Snap? It would get rid of all his problems. (I am NOT endorsing that view point – just a random thought that popped into my head). But, of course, the film writers didn’t do that because 1) It’s too depressing and dark and who wants that? and 2) There would be no way of having the Avengers save the day.

Kids are allowed to watch Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise, the DCEU movies, James Bond, The Big Bang Theory, etc., but if there is a complete once-off, off-the-cuff mention of the word ‘ex-boyfriend’ in Frozen 2 and suddenly the movies not safe for kids to watch? What about the song Shut Up and Drive (which is a poorly-disguised song about intercourse) in Wreck-It Ralph, which everyone’s fine with kids watching? (Thankfully, the filmmakers made it that you couldn’t actually hear any of the lyrics of the song except for ‘shut up and drive’, still, if you don’t want your kids watching a movie with the word ‘ex-boyfriend’ in, why let your kids watch a movie with a song like that in it, even if you can’t really hear the words?)

Considering how many times someone’s told me that the suspense in my stories is ‘killing’ them, I think it now counts as first-degree murder.

If you’re going to make a romance movie, PLEASE don’t do something revolving around another pumpkin farm, or a spoiled-kid-goes-to-farm-to-build-character-and-falls-for-‘gorgeous’ *not*-farmhand, cause it’s just not that deep or original.

Since there’s only one me, that makes me a limited edition.

I think the world would combust from all the awesomeness if there was more than one of me, don’t you?😁

There were more…but I’ve forgotten them.