Are we raising the next ‘Greatest Generation’?

A different perspective on the COVID-19 situation that I think we all need to hear.

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

We’re in difficult times. We’re facing uncertainty, food shortages and the very real possibility of losing family members.

This last happened during World War 2 and I can’t help but see certain similarities.

Profiteering and the Black Market was terribly despised then. You could be jailed or even hung.Even as a collaborator, knowing, but seeing it and doing nothing – meant you were culpable.

Remember that line. I’m coming back to that in my next blog post too.

There are those who don’t care about the suffering and hardship of others. As long as they’re okay, screw the world.

There are those who see a need and strive to fill it. People making face masks for nurses. Buying meals for truckers at drive throughs. Turning their regular production over to more needed supplies without profit.

There are those that spread good information that’s useful and those that scaremonger and…

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