Self-Isolation Update

Well, yesterday was sunny, but toddler brother was in a crappy mood all day.

Today is cloudy, but said brother is in a really happy mood today.

Hmm, I think his moods are controlled by the weather so that whatever mood the weather’s in, said brother will be in the opposite mood.

What? I have to get some entertainment out of all this!

Today, so far, my grandmother (who’ve I’ve so far been stuck self-isolating with, lol) was watching a video of people in self-isolation that were finally able to go out and put the bins out, so dressed up for the occasion as anything and everything – dinosaurs, bunnies, Darth Vader, someone from Lord of the Rings I think, etc., etc. – and my grandmother turned to me and my brothers and said ‘Right. We’re doing this to’ and I said ‘go ahead’ and she was like ‘yeah…wait! No! It’s you guys that are doing it’
So, I pointed a finger at her and another one at my eldest brother and said ‘it’s going to be a vote between you two and ONLY you two’ and my grandmother said to my eldest brother ‘notice how while one finger was pointed at you and I, three were pointed back at her’ (‘her’ being me).

Yeah…self-isolation is getting to us.