Introducing the BLOGGER UP series!!

A great blogger that I follow has recently started this new ‘interviewing new bloggers’ thing and while I am not a new blogger, I wanna help spread the word cause it’s a great way to get traffic to your site! So, if you are a new blogger, go on over and let her know that you wanna be interviewed!



*throws confetti everywhere*

*congratulates brain for thinking of this idea😂*

Hello bloggers, and random beings! I am here with another HUGE announcement! BrainStorms will be hosting a new series! WOHOOO🎊! This series will focus on uplifting new bloggers and will act as a platform to draw in traffic to their blooming blogs. As a new blogger, on the WordPress platform it was a bit difficult super difficult to draw in traffic, so I am hoping that these series will help those new bloggers out there, because we all know that blogging is not an overnight thing!

I have typed soo much on helping new bloggers and on uplifting them, but what exactly do I plan on doing to help them achieve this? The plan currently is to interview a few beginner bloggers every month. I will be asking 7 questions on their blog/blogging journey, and 3 personal questions (so…

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