If Only We Did Not Care.


You know, SO many people just have this overwhelming fear, of what others think of them.

You go to a party, dressed in that cute outfit, and suddenly you feel self-conscious; overdressed for the event… Your lip randomly swells up (keeping from experience right here. 😁), and you can’t decide whether to attend an event or not, because… What will others think?….. Mirrors exist all around, and people constantly are checking themselves to make sure they look good and all right, and “nothing is wrong”.










We are our own person.

Others’ view of us should not control us.

The more that we begin to step out; To be who God made us to be… The more we will find joy in who WE are as a person and how unique we are, than what others think.

And being able to be…

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Happy Easter! — Racheal’s Novels

G’day y’all! How are you all going? Hope you all are enjoying your easter! (if you celebrate it). I’m sorry for the disappearance, just been having a quite a bit going on physically and mentally. I’m not going to promise to start posting more, cause whenever I do (and I mean it when I promise) […]Happy … Continue reading Happy Easter! — Racheal’s Novels

Kid Logic

*My youngest brother while stroking my hair*: Your hair is like a girl's! *Me, while chuckling*: That's cause I am a girl *Youngest brother*: You're not a girl, you're just {Insert my actual name} ______________________________________________________________________________ (The following actually happened and struck me being along the similar veins to the famous "But why's the rum gone?!" … Continue reading Kid Logic

The Origin of Married Names

J-M's History Corner

It’s something most of us never give a second though to – when a man and woman get married, the woman ditches her surname and adopts her husband’s surname, which their children subsequently receive.


The answer, it turns out, isn’t pretty.

Why should women change their names on getting married?

1 November 2014

Man's hands putting ring on woman's finger

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It is regarded as tradition for wives to take a man’s name after marriage. Why, asks Dr Sophie Coulombeau.

My name is Sophie Coulombeau. But a year from now, after the fuss from my wedding has died down, it could be something rather different. For me, to adopt the surname of my partner and relinquish my own would profoundly affect how I think about my own identity.

On the one hand, it would bind us into a family unit and make it easier to know what to write on the birth certificates if…

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Unwilling To Be Used?


You know, I am constantly, constantly amazed at the way God works. It utterly and entirely astounds me. And usually, God works in the ways we would least think.

I’ll share a couple of examples…

Recently, one of my sweet friends was having surgery on her arm. I had had my quiet time the morning of, and felt led to share John 14:27:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

So, I texted it to her and you know what? My sweet friend told me that reading that verse, was really encouraging to her.

Another time, I knew that my best friend was currently reffing soccer. And I felt led, at precisely 2:07 in the afternoon, to stop doing school and just pray for him…

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