First off, welcome to all my new followers and sorry for my lack of posting. I haven't been able to think of anything to write. Second, I came across these videos that Disney made retelling some of their beloved classics like Tangled and Frozen in emojis - and they are quite adorable and cute. (Plus, … Continue reading Emojis

Why Kids are the True Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Kids are wolves in sheep's clothing. Angels with devil horns. Why? Because with my three year old brother, he hits someone or something or throws something across the room and his excuse is: "But I am the Hulk" If he does anything else that's naughty or is simply annoyingly smug, his excuse is: "But I … Continue reading Why Kids are the True Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

His Cheeseburger

My first solo song!!!!

Racheal's Novels

Hey everybody!!!!

Welcome to all my new followers!!!!

Anyway, I was challenged by Brother’s Campfire to record myself doing a solo of a silly song. He left the choice of what silly song to sing up to me, but said it had to be silly but clean.

So, I ended up picking the song His Cheeseburger from the kids TV show Veggietales (which is pretty darn good – even though it’s just for kids, I still love to watch it). The song is a silly song, and I actually managed to keep my composure in it. My singing was so-so and I was okay until half-way through it when it sunk in that you all would be watching me and then I kinda stumbled.

That happens with me a lot.


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Let It Go

The next video in our horrible singing franchise….

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Me and my brother J-M’s History Corner a few days ago filmed ourselves singing I Will Survive after our good friend Lydia Potter had suggested that we do a video of us “singing” – or more ruining our own eardrums, lol! Anyway, it looks to be turning into a little franchise of us ruining these fabulous songs!!!

So, today, me and J-M filmed ourselves singing Let It Go – which was a LITTLE better than I Will Survive as 1) I was a LOT more composed 2) We were all more in sync and 3) we had one of our little brothers joining in as he sings SOOOOOO much better than me and J-M!!!!!

There are some downsides – we’re still pretty monotonous with our “singing” and while we tried to be lively and make it look fun….being infront of a camera gave us last-minute jitters, so….*cringes* fingers crossed….

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My First YouTube Video

My brother’s and my attempt at singing…this is what happens when you’re in self-isolation….

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G’day everybody!!!

So *takes deep, deep breath* I have done my first YouTube video!!! A good friend of me and my brother J-Ms History Corner – the friend being none other than the famed Lydia Potter – suggested to my brother J-M that he do a video of him singing (even though he is terrible at singing) and I ended up joining in!

Warning: We are both terrible, terrible singers and we’re doing this just for fun, so feel free to laugh like we did…if you can get through watching it (I almost didn’t when we watched it afterwards ourselves). I was especially terrible – I was out of sync and couldn’t stop laughing/cringing, even when I was meant to be singing, so please forgive me!!!!

Anyway, here’s the video!!!!

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