Education For Life

Fantastic article! 100% agree!

Caramel (Learner at love)

Fandango has asked such a very interesting question…I don’t know where to begin with it! So while I collect my thoughts, I will let you know the question which has captured my attention:

What does it mean to you in the 21st century to be well educated?

colaWell…I think I will begin by mentioning something a colleague of mine said around three years ago. My colleague said that “only educated people should be allowed to vote”. Now, this statement didn’t provoke me too much because I deliberately choose to stay neutral in politics, as I work as a volunteer for international charities that are strictly neutral in politics. However, the statement my colleague made was in the midst of a speech from them decrying the results of recent democratic elections and votes in a number of western lands.

Now…the purpose of my post is certainly not to dive into politics…

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