Mystery Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the "Mystery Blogger Award" by jmshistorycorner. Thank you very much, J-M! It is so awesome to be nominated. Here's the link to jmshistorycorner's blog: Please check his blog out. It is extremely good and he does several very interesting posts. What is this award? An award for amazing bloggers … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

Book Review: “Carnage”

Carnage is the second book in The Seven Signs book series. The first one is called "Skyfire". This review of the second book, which I read recently, is my own opinion. Book Title: Carnage Author: Michael Adams Plot: Andy and Dylan discover in this book some connection with the rip-off and the Signmaker and the … Continue reading Book Review: “Carnage”

Episode 1: “January” Conspiracy 365 TV Series Review

The book series "Conspiracy 365" was made into a 12-part TV series. Harrison Gilbertson plays Callum Ormond, Rob Carlton plays Vulkun Sligo, Taylor Glockner plays Boges, and Julia Zemiro plays Oriana de la Force. I will do my best NOT to spoil you on anything. The first episode is the TV adaption of the first … Continue reading Episode 1: “January” Conspiracy 365 TV Series Review

Appreciate everyone that enter into your life

Appreciate this post as it is something to ponder.

Rosie Blog

“There is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some people will test you, some will use you, some will bring out the best in you, but everyone will teach you something about yourself. Both positive and negative relationships teach you valuable lessons. The road to self-discovery requires help from others. As humans we are always seeking feedback and approval from others. That is how we learn and become better. No relationship is a waste of time. The wrong ones teach you the lessons that prepare you for the right ones. Appreciate everyone that enters your life because they are contributing to your growth and happiness. “

John Geiger

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Sorry, meant to post about this yesterday, but never got a chance, so you've probably heard it already. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed 50-48 and has also been sworn in and is now a member of the Supreme Court, which now has a conservative majority.