Here is a list of some truly awesome movie franchises that I love and strongly recommend watching if you haven't already, including my personal favourite of the franchise. STAR WARS A fun American space action-adventure dystopian movie franchise with supernatural themes starring Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher, and directed by George Lucas. My … Continue reading Classics

Review: “Spectre” So, when I sat down to watch this, I was very excited as I am a big fan of Daniel Craig's James Bond movies. After it started, I was a bit mixed about it, but as it got more and more into it, I realized that it is a truly awesome film and can't … Continue reading Review: “Spectre”

Blogger Round-up

I have read some interesting posts that I want to share, but reblogging them all would be too much, so I have decided to do a post compiling the links to the posts for you to peruse through at your leisure. Here's the list: