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You know how I've been sharing chapters from The Woman Factor by Rabbi Baruch Bierman on my blog, making sure to put up disclaimers? Well, what I didn't realize was that the book was copyright. Yes, I know that books tend to have copyright. *sigh* Because of it's important message, I thought it was the … Continue reading Official Notice


I just recently came across this awesome poem called If by Rudyard Kipling, who is the man who wrote The Jungle Book. I hadn't realized that he was a poet as well, so was pleasantly surprised to find out that this poem is very good, so I thought I would share it with you. DISCLAIMER: … Continue reading If

Review: “The Hunger Games” I finally sat down and watched the much-acclaimed adaption of Suzanne Collins hugely popular book The Hunger Games. And I must say I quite enjoyed it. The movie starts with explaining straight away the situation in North America - where North America is divided into 12 Districts, which are all run by the Capitol. … Continue reading Review: “The Hunger Games”

We Only Get Today

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Beautiful day 8-12-19 Beautiful sunny day today here in Colorado!

Hello everyone and God bless you all!  This will be my first post to start my second year blogging!  Thank you all for celebrating my 1 year anniversary with me on Saturday!  I really appreciate all the encouragement and it was a blessed day!  I was thinking about time this morning, specifically how much time we have on earth.  My Mom would always tell me growing up, “Don’t wish time away.”  I turned 41 this summer, and she was right!  Life really does go fast!  Our time here is so precious and so fleeting that we should live our lives to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity every day!  That advice is most serious when it comes to our souls and we should take heed of the amazing speed at which we run out of time.

The Lord spoke to…

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