Created my first store!

I’ve created my first store! Go take a look and I hope you find something you like!

Racheal's Novels



It’s a place where you can buy my character art and concept art just for 99 cents! I will add concept art for my Zion trilogy when I’m finished the art along with world maps. It’s all digital, once you buy it, it sends you a download link, there’s no shipping involved.

Join elves as they travel into the underworld, pirates as they conquer the seven seas, princesses as they fight for their throne and witches as they manipulate from the sidelines while you head on your quest through The Golden Elixir. Dragons, spells, potions and possibly even love abound in these pages as you search for that One Art to take home.

There is no pressure to buy anything, but if you do thank you so much and happy shopping!!!!!

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New Character

Working on a few upcoming novels at the moment, and here’s the latest character of mine I’ve created…and of course it has to be for a future book, not one of the CURRENT projects of mine lmao!

Racheal's Novels

Hey everyone,

while I have a few book projects in progress, I have a future one involving princesses, pirates, witches, and so on. I’ve created a witch OC, by the name of Qeturah, which you can look into the art and stuff I’ve done for her by clicking on these links:

Today, I’ve created a new character for this story that has the witch. This new character is a pirate, or more specifically, a pirate queen, leader of a gang called the Shadow Serpents. Full details can be found here:

Hope you enjoy and have a great day/night!


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Witch character Concept Art

Racheal's Novels

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence in posts, been a bit stressed due to making plans for stuff, and then complications arising in the plan and then having to cancel the plans for a later date, but it turned out to be God’s intervention that the plans failed cause I found out later that there was some stuff going on at the other end that would’ve gotten me in a lot of trouble had I been able to go when I really wanted to. Despite knowing that I was being protected, it still hurts like hell and I had to take some time away to sort through it and just…process everything and recover cause it was one of the biggest hurts I’ve ever experienced.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with doing cosplay photo shoots as characters I’m creating for a future story (I don’t know why, but my mind is constantly…

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15 Important Bible Verses About Spanking Children

Bible verses about spanking children Nowhere in Scripture does it condone child abuse, but it does recommend disciplining your children. A little spanking wouldn’t hurt. It’s meant to teach children right from wrong. If you don’t discipline your child it will be a higher chance that your child grows up to be disobedient thinking they … Continue reading 15 Important Bible Verses About Spanking Children

Racheal Update

Racheal's Novels

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your prayers, it means a lot. Our community is so generous and amazing, my family and I have been provided with a lot of food, clothing and bedding, it’s been mind-blowing 🤯

Even my work mates have given us stuff and one of my work mates has got some furniture for us when we get to move into a new house.

Speaking of a new house, we got our eye on a place, though we’re not rushing, mum’s requested another inspection and is also taking looks at other houses as well before making her final decision.

It was Mum’s birthday yesterday and everyone at our church threw a big celebration with a FIVE LAYER CAKE made by the Pastor’s 15 year old daughter!!! Me and my brothers had pre-booked a dinner for Mum’s birthday dinner, and after the fire, we all had considered cancelling it…

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Prayers Are Needed

Racheal's Novels

Yesterday afternoon, my house caught fire and we have no idea what caused it.

It spread too quickly to be able to put it out, so while the fire brigade came as quickly as they could, it was too late by the time they arrived due to how quickly it all spread.

We’ve lost basically everything. Please pray that we’ll be able to get a new place and be able to pay off the mortgage from our house that burnt down and that we’ll get our insurance and that we’ll be provided with all that we’ll need.

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If Only We Did Not Care.


You know, SO many people just have this overwhelming fear, of what others think of them.

You go to a party, dressed in that cute outfit, and suddenly you feel self-conscious; overdressed for the event… Your lip randomly swells up (keeping from experience right here. 😁), and you can’t decide whether to attend an event or not, because… What will others think?….. Mirrors exist all around, and people constantly are checking themselves to make sure they look good and all right, and “nothing is wrong”.










We are our own person.

Others’ view of us should not control us.

The more that we begin to step out; To be who God made us to be… The more we will find joy in who WE are as a person and how unique we are, than what others think.

And being able to be…

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