Review: “Mamma Mia!” This is officially my top favourite musical movie of all time. I won't go into the plot as I suck at describing them, so you can go read for yourself the plot by clicking here. I wasn't even aware of that this existed until I read this post and decided that I would give … Continue reading Review: “Mamma Mia!”


A mesmerizing description of writers everywhere! Truly awesome. Pls check this blogger out!

The poem zone

Writers are beautiful…..

But if you hurt us,

Our heart bleed inks

That will stain mercilessly,

We could kill you with our words

Or mend your broken heart with them.

We could place stars in your night sky or pluck them

And turn your world into total darkness

We could stab you,

With a touch of your knitted words

Or hand you a sword

& Prepare you for a fight….

One thing I dare you to do,

Fall in Love with a writer

And watch we give colors to everything

That you never thought existed before!!




©The poem Zone

All rights reserved !!

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Beautiful and poignant.

The poem zone

When I’m ill,

would you pull the

blanket over me?

When my cars broken

down, will you come

& rescue me?

When I snap away from


will you wrap your arms

around me?

When I’m sad,

will you talk through

what’s bothering me?

When I’m not at my best,

will you be able to

still love me?




©The poem zone

All rights reserved !!

🎀Happy Blogging 🎀

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A Positive View of Negativity

Brings to mind the part in the movie “Inside Out” where Joy realizes that looking for the positive in everything isn’t healthy and goes “I’m positive that this is crazy!!”
Something that we all need to practice.

The Eclectic Contrarian

People have told me that I’m a negative person. To an extent they’re right! I don’t think I’m overly negative… let me explain.

I’m not one to blow sunshine up your rear end if it’s raining all around. There’s an honesty in negativity. These days in which we live, I believe too many people are trying to look on the bright side when there are legitimate reasons to see things in truth. Sometimes positivity is a lie. We’ve been looking for the sun every decade while the storm clouds have steadily rolled in.

To a degree, negative is real. And we have to be real enough to accept it when positivity is nothing but fluff.

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