Fascinating Facts About Mental & Health Issues & How to Cure Them

When doing my studies today about different vitamins and such, I found this really interesting and important information about how B vitamins, or rather a lack of them, can cause mental and emotional issues, and sometimes a severe lack of some B vitamin can cause a person to be violent and insane. Here's the passage … Continue reading Fascinating Facts About Mental & Health Issues & How to Cure Them

11 Unusual Animal Facts

Did you know that a shark can make it's teeth bend and also straighten, whenever it needs to? Did you know that a frog's liver looks like a bunch of green moss (found that out today when I had to watch a frog dissection). Did you know that the heart of a shrimp is located … Continue reading 11 Unusual Animal Facts

My Husband Needs A Kidney

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Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table


My husband, Neil is in need of a live kidney donor. We have been advised by his doctor that a living donor is the best option for Neil. The success rate for living donor organs are much higher than that of cadaver organs.

The surgeon that could possibly be performing Neil’s transplant had one herself. Her husband tried to donate but was unable to because he was a carrier for kidney cancer. She spread the news far and wide of the need for a kidney and as it turned out her husband’s dentist’s sister was the one to give her a life saving kidney.

She advised us to spread the news far and wide, so I decided to write this post, and I am asking you, my beloved readers to share it. The more views we receive, the higher chances we have of finding a donor.

We also learned that…

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I'm back!!!! Did you miss me? Who am I kidding - of course you did (LOL!) The following is not my own art, but other people's art that I found on the Internet. This will feature...different style of art than what I've previously shown, to put it one way. Enjoy!