Who Should Raise the Kids?

Both the parents should. Period. I don't care what fucking excuse you come up with, both parents should!!!! You CANNOT BLOODY DUMP THE RESPONSIBILITY OF RAISING THE KID(S), PAYING THE FINANCES, AND KEEPING THE HOUSE CLEAN AND TIDY AND ANY OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES THAT NEED TO BE DONE IN A RELATIONSHIP ON YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER!!!!! THAT … Continue reading Who Should Raise the Kids?

Monday Q&A 3: Scripture

Elisha McFarland

Monday Q&A 3: Scripture

Scripture. The key component to Christianity at its core. The cornerstone of our beliefs. Without Scripture, we have no belief, no Faith, no arguments, and no understanding of God and His existence. The defense of Scripture is so important that it has become a large tenant to Apologetics. Without it, Christianity fails.

Because of its importance, I have spent much time learning the historical and logical accuracy of the Scriptures. Because of this, I put much stock in the quality of response to the questions-to-be. While this may be the easiest Q&A so far, it will also be the most important. Read carefully.

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Am I Good Enough?

David Fischer

**In case you missed this Sunday**

Good enoughHello again everyone! How was your Saturday? Mine was pretty good. Did some blogging, thought more about the book that I want to write, got a little exercise, all in all a pretty good start to the weekend. As I spent some time interacting with people here and on Twitter I noticed something that bothered me; heck it bothers me about myself but the thing about social media is that you see some raw emotions that you probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Knowing that you will probably never see the people you are writing to can make you a little bolder in what you say. The thing that bothered me is this…people just don’t think they are good enough for anything….

I can’t come up with enough adjectives to tell you how wrong this feeling is…I feel it too my friends but with every fiber…

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