How Did This Happen

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“How Did This Happen?”

Everything starts with a thought. Every moment, every choice, every major and minor action starts first in the mind and then is carried out into our lives. When we find ourselves in the middle of a tragedy, an affair, in sin and problems, we feel surprised and shocked at ourselves. We ask ourselves, “How did this happen?” The truth is, it started with a seed thought that we didn’t capture and grew into something we never intended it to be.

Is there an area in your life where you’re asking yourself how you got there, how you let it get so bad or so out of control? You are not alone, and there is a way to get out!

Today, you are half way through this renewal devotional, and it is time to get down to business! It is time to start making some changes that…

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Evolution or Creation? – Part 2

There are a few theories on how the universe, the earth and life itself came about. There is evolution: Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. These characteristics are the expressions of genes that are passed on from parent to offspring during reproduction. Different characteristics tend to exist within … Continue reading Evolution or Creation? – Part 2

Messianic and Hebrew Roots.

Something important. Please read.


While it has been good that many people over the last few yrs have woken up to the fact that Church and Christianity are not following the Bible nor teaching and preaching what the Bible says it is more than a little sad that many have lept out of the frying pan into the fire as it were.

This is just a summary as all have been taught that we have to belong to an organisation/religion to be right. Sadly it has led many astray as generally we have not been as good “Berean’s” and searched out the Bible to see if what we are being taught is actually scripture.

Script does say ” To come out from among them and be separate”, and so we should.

But Messianic followers are often called “Messy antics” because they still want to follow many of the church teachings and traditions, like Christmas…

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