2019 Ranked From Best to Worst

I've decided to rank all the movies that came out this year in theaters that I've seen from what I think is "best" to "worst" (though there may not be a worst). Remember, this is just my own opinion. Enjoy! #1: Frozen 2 While I haven't seen most of the blockbusters from this year, this … Continue reading 2019 Ranked From Best to Worst

Into The Unknown

My favourite songs from Frozen 2 (which I strongly recommend going to see in theaters): https://youtu.be/gIOyB9ZXn8s https://youtu.be/md7dK5-qvHc (This 'Show Yourself' isn't nearly as good as the version in the movie - if you hear it in the movie, it's more majestic). https://youtu.be/ZLtbjAFfOMo https://youtu.be/w6g1yQV0dIY (Again, no where near as good in the movie) Hope you enjoyed … Continue reading Into The Unknown